14 Filters


Original Photos




Dead Center

Paint Factory Explosion 1

Paint Factory Explosion 2

Automatic Crosshairs Effect 


3 Controls for a Variety of Effects


3 Controls for a Variety of Effects


Color Field Generator

Hardlight Pixelize

Pastel Noise Generator

Control RGB Effects Levels 

and Mutation 


Control Red, Blue Levels 



4 Controls for a Variety of Effects




Magic Mirror

Modula Painter

Control RGB Levels

in Greyscaled Image


Control Mutation 

to Negative Level


Control RGB Levels

Separately to Negative Level 




Bar Code 

Control Center, Cells, Offset 

and RGB Effects


Control Weave and Thread



Control Price



Convolving Framer



Plaid Generator


Control Edge, 2 Offsets,

2 Sharpness, Edge Grain

and Edge Size


Control Weave





All Filters in .8bf  format.

Download Sabercat Filters