Kiwi's Oelfilter

10 Filters


Original Photos 



3,5 Promille

3D Bildstanze (3D Picture Punch)

Control Positions of Numerous Layers 



Position Normal and Negative

Layers and Control Lighting


Augenspiegel (Eye Mirror)


Stretch, Twirl & Position Mirrored Layers


Play With RGB Layers & Light


Guck mal (Look Once)

Leinwand (Linen)

Control Positions of Mirrored Layers 


Control Waffle Size & Lighting


Neontraum (Neon Dream)


Control RBG Layers,  Horizontal & Vertical Splits 

and Light Intensity


Control Size of Waffle Effect





Control Size, Horizontal and Vertical  

Adjusts For Blinds or Boxes


Control Horizontal and Vertical Extreme

and Horizontal and Vertical Shift 



All Filters in .8bf  format.

Download Kiwi's Filters