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RCS Filter Pack 1.0

21 Filters


Original Photo


Coppertooling Simulator 

Digi-Lens Atomic Split

Digi-Lens Bubble Pack

Control Horiz & Vert Layers



Control Level of Effect 



Control Screen Size 

and Thickness


Digi-Lens Flower Cut

Digi-Lens Spiral Cut

Digi-Lens Wedges

Control Size of Effect 


Control Size of Effect 


Control Wedge Size


Digi-Lens Window Shades I

Digi-Lens Window Shades II

Digi-Lens Wormhole

Control Frequency 


Automatic Effect


Control Size


Emboss Pro

Negative Image Creator

NoiseMaker-B&W Noise

Control Horiz, Vert 

and Brightness 


Control RBG Levels



Control Noise Level



NoiseMaker-Black Canvas

NoiseMaker-RGB Noise

NoiseMaker-Rotary RGB

Control Noise Level



Control RGB Levels 

and Multiplication 


Control Level of Effect



Pencil Sketch Conversion



Control Contrast


Automatic Effect 


Automatic Effect



Triple Exposure

Unearthly Vortex

Automatic Effect


Control Separation 


Control Orientation of 4 Levels



All Filters in .8bf  format.

Download RCS Filter Pack