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Funhouse Filters 2

19 Filters


Original Photo


Polar Convergance

Polar Perversion

Quantum Tile 

Control X Tiles & Y Tiles 



Control X & Y Perversion 

and Darkness Adjust


Control Uncertainty & Tiles



Radial Mirror

Radial Moirror

Radial Tile Mirror

Control Reflections


Control Moirgnitude


Control X Tiles & Y Tiles


Ring Mirror

Ring Tile


Control Rings 



Control Theta Tiles, Rho Tiles 

and Period


Control Theta and Rho



Sierpenski's Mirror


Streak Mirror

Control Scaling Factor

and Fractal Power 


Control Amplitude



Control X & Y Streaks



Tile Mirror


Tunnel Tile

Control X Tiles & Y Tiles



Control Frequency, Linear Tremors 

and Angular Tremors


Control Depth and Tiles



Turbine Mirror


Control Blades 


Control Twistensity




Control \\ Waves and // Waves 


Control Zigs (X) and Zagz (Y)



All Filters in .8bf  and .afs format.

Download Funhouse2 Filters


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